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I Saw The Devil is a revenge horror thriller that sees an NIS agent in Korea seeking revenge against the ruthless killer who murdered his wife. Kim Soo-hyun was a loving husband who works too much. His job requires him to protect others, but the one person he's unable to protect is his own wife, who is abducted and murdered by the deranged Jang Kyung-chul. With his love killed for no reason and with nothing left but sorrow, Soo-hyun sets his sights on hunting his wife's killer for brutal vengeance. Unfortunately, achieving his goal requires the NIS agent to walk into the abyss of evil that Kyung-chul thrives on. To kill the devil, he must become the devil himself.

Director : Jee-woon Kim

Writers : Park Hoon-jungJee-woon Kim

Stars : Lee Byung-hunChoi Min-sikJeon Gook-hwan


Steelbook with PET full slip (Limited & Exclusive)


Numbered 1 through 2,000 (But 800 copies only for international customers)

2 Disc edition include both International cut and Theatrical cut

Steelbook™ with translucent PET full slip box

Steelbook™ made by SCANAVO in Denmark

40p Booklet (support both Korean and English)

2 Double sided art card with theatrical poster artwork from various countries

4 Movie trading cards

Luxurious Plain Archive's exclusive removable sticker for only I SAW THE DEVIL steelbook.

(leather textured paper / bright shining red colored logo)

Video - 1.85:1 MPEG4 / AVC / 1080p / 23.976 fps
Audio - Korean DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch
Subtitles - Korean / English
Region Code - A/B/C
Running time - 144min(Disc1) / 142min(Disc2)

Special Features (Not support English subtitles) :

1 - Director's audio commentary track

2 - Audio commentary track with Kim Jee-woon and Lee Byung-hun

3 - Behind the scene

4 - Production design

5 - Costume

6 - Action

7 - Special make-up

8 - Interview with supporting role actors and actresses

9 - Deleted scenes

10 - Promotion material

11 - Teaser and trailer

12 - Stills gallery

I Saw The Devil